Bardd's Tales:
Slash Fanfiction

As you enter, a fire burning in the centre of a large cleared space greets you. Sitting on the other side is a woman of indeterminate age, a harp at her side and a bag of scrolls at her feet.

"Welcome," she greets you. "I am Bardd, the Teller of Tales; come in, sit by my fire, and listen to the stories that take place through all the ages that were, are, and have yet to be...."

The Magnificent Seven The first scroll is unrolled to the sound of thundering hoofbeats that transport you to the Old West, and a small town defended by a group of seven men – very different from each other, and yet bonded together as brothers – or closer.... Join Chris Larabee, Vin Tanner, Nathan Jackson, Buck Wilmington, Ezra Standish, Josiah Sanchez, and JD Dunne in their adventures defending Four Corners.
Please note: All stories on this page are Chris/Vin.
Gundam Wing And now the second scroll unfurls before you to the sound of powerful engines and explosions – whether of bombs, fireworks, or both is impossible to tell – as you are taken to a time yet to be; a time when Earth and her colonies battle for power, freedom, and peace, and the fates of all rest on the shoulders of five teenage pilots. Join Heero Yuy, Duo Maxwell, Trowa Barton, Quatre Winner, Wufei Chang, and their allies and enemies in the year After Colony 195 and onwards to the future....
Please note: All stories on this page are Heero/Duo.
Airwolf And now the third scroll is unfurled to the sound of wind rushing through rotors in a howl, as the black helicopter Airwolf leads you on covert missions for The Firm, under the supervision of Michael Archangel, and her pilots Stringfellow Hawke, Dominic Santini, and Caitlin O'Shaughnessy.
Please note: All stories on this page are String/Michael.

The woman puts her harp down, reaches into her bag, and then extends a scroll to you. "Here – this is my new LiveJournal. All updates to this site will be listed here. To those who are LiveJournal users, please feel free to list me as a friend."

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